PAPCEL – Boiler house Šklov

Steam boiler house for the paper mill in Shklov, Belarus, with a boiler from Kolbach. The technology is controlled by Siemens Simatic S7-300, i.e. fuel delivery from the warehouses by a system of sliding floors and conveyors. Boiler cooling is realized by glycol. The feed water for the boiler is treated by reverse osmosis. The boiler level, steam outlet pressure, several pressure reducing stations etc. are controlled. The total steam output is 15t/h, the exhaust gas is cleaned by an electrostatic precipitator.

Brno Transport Company – Ship battery charging station

New charging station for charging ship batteries (300V and 24V). Automatic charging is performed by custom designed and manufactured power chargers. Each of the 6 ships is equipped with a Simatic S7-1200 series PLC, which collects cruise information and transmits it via a central control unit to the chargers. The communication between the master system and the ships is realized by wireless technology. The discharge levels of the ships are therefore already evaluated during the voyage.

Testing room for testing locomotives with energy recovery

The project included the complete supply of engineering, design, software and installation work. The test facility tests reconditioned locomotives to verify nominal performance values. Previously a completely lossy testing operation, where the energy produced by the traction generator heated the water tank is now recuperated back into the power grid.

2 x 1MW cogeneration units

Supply and installation of instrumentation and control sets for the control and regulation of 2pcs of GE Jenbacher CHP units with a nominal output of 1MW including installation of a 6kV high voltage distribution system. The supply also consisted of the control of the air handling units and the creation of a control room including trends, statistics and logging to a database.

Backup temperature source for Prague – Krč

Complete supply of metering and control for a gas boiler house for the Prague – Krč district. Installed heat output 20MW.

Mass transport terminal Hradec Králové

Complete supply of measurement and control for heating of public transport terminal. The solution also includes control of air dampers and ventilation vents.

Exchanger stations for Opatovice power plant – International Power, a.s.

Supply and installation of new heat transfer stations, reconstruction of transfer station controls, service work. Investor – International Power Opatovice, a.s.

Reconstruction of heat source for Králův Dvůr

Complete supply of design, installation and software works including electrical installation material for the measurement and control system for the boiler house Králův Dvůr.

Thermal oil boiler house

Supply and installation of a control measurement system for a boiler house for an automotive interior parts moulding operation.

Reconstruction of the bakery boiler room

Supply and installation of a measurement and control system for the control of the Hrušová bakery boiler room.

Heat transfer station 25MW

Supply and installation of a measurement and control system for the control of a heat transfer station.