Steam turbine counter-rotary

A counter-rotating gear is a drive that is used to rotate a steam turbine in the event of a shutdown. If the turbine is taken out of operation, it must not be stopped immediately to avoid damage to the turbine. Therefore, the turbine is allowed to turn spontaneously and the reversing gear is immediately engaged, which continues to turn the turbine until it has cooled down completely. When the shutdown is complete and steam is restored to the turbine, the turbine speed is increased and the turntable is deactivated. A Simatic S7-1200 PLC with HMI panel is used to control the reverser.

Stage technology on the AIDAnova

For the control of the stage technology on the 6600-passenger ocean liner, we supplied the design, installation and software work. The requirement was to meet the high demands for operational functionality and safety. The Rexroth system controls the movement of the stands, the stage in the theatre studio and the turntable with elevator in the steampunk restaurant.

RCM floating excavator

The contract consists of the supply of design, installation and software work for the control of a floating dredger for sand extraction. A Simatic S7-300 PLC is used for the control with interconnection of decentralised elements via an AS-interface bus.

Oil management breakdown for CLARK turbo machines

The contract consists of the complete supply and installation of the Measurement and Control and Wiring sets.

Drying of microspheres

The drying of the microspheres takes place in a large drum. They are then transferred via a conveyor system to a mechanical centrifugal filter, which sorts them according to size with great precision. An electrostatic dust filter is included. Control is provided by a Siemens Simatic S7-1200 processor.